{Book Review}Trace of Magic by Diana Pharaoh Francis

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I received this book for free from Purchased in exchange for an honest review.
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{Book Review}Trace of Magic by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Trace of Magic (Diamond City Magic, #1)
By: Diana Pharaoh Francis

One StarOne Star

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Series: Diamond City Magic #1
Published on September 30th 2014
Published by Bell Bridge Books
Pages: 303
Format: Kindle

Even the most powerful tracers can’t track you if the magical trace you leave behind is too old. But I can track almost anything, even dead trace. That makes me a unicorn, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Lock Ness Monster all rolled into one. In a word, I am unique. A very special snowflake. And if anyone ever finds out, I’ll be dead or a slave to one of the Tyet criminal factions.
Riley Hollis has quietly traced kidnapped children and quietly tipped the cops to their whereabouts one too many times. Now she’s on the radar of Detective Clay Price, a cop in the pocket of a powerful magic Tyet faction. When he blackmails her into doing a dangerous trace for him, Riley will have to break every rule that keeps her safe. Or become a Tyet pawn in a deadly, magical war.

The heroine Riley Hollis was supposed be the most powerful tracer yet.  But somehow I still have my doubts.  Sure, she seem to be able to do things that “supposedly” that other tracers cannot do.  But in reality Riley Hollis have spend majorly of the book being hurt, a lot. Which seriously undermined her supposed powerfulness, let along uniqueness.

At the beginning I have this horrible image of Clay Price, which was base on Riley’s own description.  Riley didn’t trust any legal authority, but she thought Clay was not a dirty agent.  After some situation she decided to team up with Clay.  Then somehow once they started interact with each other, all I am read was how much she lusted after Clay.  And even thought Riley and Clay were suppose be on the quest of finding Josh, their romance kind of take over it. Something else really bother me was how Clay has the most weird, but at the same time lack of dialogs in this book.

Overall I was expecting a decent world building, and actions.  Instead the clichéd romance seem to be the main focus of the book, not to mention, very little character building.  Sure, the magics were interesting, but after reading this book, I still haven’t got a clue of this world.  With the way this book was left off, I am not sure if I would be reading the next one.

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