Review: Liar by C. L. Stone

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Review:  Liar by C. L. Stone
Liar: The Scarab Beetle Series: #2 (The Academy)
By: C.L. Stone

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Genres: Reverse Harem, Mystery-Thriller-Suspense

Series: The Scarab Beetle #2
Published by Self-published
Format: Kindle

Worse than a thief, is a liar. Kayli Winchester can finally let go of her thieving past and for once walk on the right side of the law. She’s had enough of the hustle and is determined to become the good girl. But her brother, Wil, is still missing. On the hunt for him, she discovers something worse than a missing sibling: Marc, Raven, Axel, Corey and Brandon. These aren’t just scoundrels with hearts of gold. They’re flat out criminals. But they’re criminals who need her. In a ruse to draw them away from her brother and learn more about this so-called Academy, Kayli joins them on a mission to Florida in search of a missing little girl. Kayli will do anything to make sure her brother is safe. She’ll find their leader. She’ll discover their intentions. She’ll infiltrate their ranks. And if they try to threaten her brother or herself, she’ll burn them all. But when these five hot Academy teammates all contend for her heart, her resistance starts to crumble. Maybe she wasn’t meant to be the good girl, anyway.

Alright, there are loads to talk about, so let’s get started!

Don’t get me wrong, I love books by C.L. Stone, her books are my guilty pleasure and I often giggle while I read them.  But there was something in Liar that didn’t set well with me, and I am not entirely sure how I feel about Kayli yet.

Follow by thief, Kayli finally learned the crude truth from his father, meanwhile her younger bother Will’s missing may turn out to be intentional.  Despite having the Academy guys’ supports and helps, Kayli still can’t quite trust the guys yet.  When she discovered the boys have files on both her and Will, she started to investigate about who the boys are and what the Academy is really about.  But what she found out may confuse her furthermore about the guys.

Kayli is uncertain and still acting rather reckless in this book, which none of the guys can do anything about it, in fact they sort of let Kayli leads them to do whatever she wants.  In some way I am happy Kayli is a dominated character, but she can be a handful sometimes.

The romance in this book I thought was progress in a much faster pace than I would’ve liked.  I knew this would be a five guys one girl situation (in case you didn’t know), so I’ve expected when Kayli starts developing feeling with the guys.  However, this is only the second book of the series, and Kayli and the boys hardly had a proper chance to “get to know” each other.  Thus, when Kayli started to make-out with the guys, along with her “confused” inner voices and her quite frequent “weak moments”, well, I just don’t know how to feel about it.  Not to mention the author is throwing Blake into the equation (in case you were wondering, I don’t particularly like Blake’s character).  I feel Kayli is taking advantage and playing with the guys, which really made Kayli look bad.

I am not sure if it’s because this series is a New Adult genre, but I find the boys can be too aggressive sometime, there are one particular scene which involves Raven and Kayli that just seem unnatural and flat out weird for me.  I’ve expected this series to be more mature and maybe steamy, but I didn’t quite get the “aw” effects when the boys are showing, expressing their feelings and desire to Kayli.  I think some relationship building is in need at this point.

In baffled me that Kayli would easily accept Blake’s reasoning, and so-called evidence against the Academy boys.  For someone who is also in the “gray” area, Kayli is surprisingly quick to judge and thinks only in black and white.

Finally we are learning something new about Will, which may explain certain situations in another series (Ghost Bird series), or not since it wasn’t much.

While I enjoyed going along with the boys and Kayli on their Academy missions, there are tons actions that were quite fun to read.  However, the lack of relationship building can make the romances somewhat awkward to read.  Overall, I liked Liar, but I don’t love it.

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