Review: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

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Review: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
Grave Memory (Alex Craft, #3)
By: Kalayna Price

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Genres: Urban Fantasy

Series: Alex Craft #3
Published on July 3rd 2012
Published by Roc Publishing
Pages: 350
Format: Kindle

As a Grave Witch, Alex solves murders by raising the dead—an ability that comes at a cost, and after her last few cases, that cost is compounding. But her magic isn’t the only thing causing havoc in her life. While she’s always been on friendly terms with Death himself, things have recently become a whole lot more close and personal. Then there’s her sometime partner, agent Falin Andrews, who is under the glamour of the Winter Queen. To top everything off, her best friend has been forever changed by her time spent captive in Faerie.
But the personal takes a backseat to the professional when a string of suicides occur in Nekros City and Alex is hired to investigate. The shades have no memory of the days leading up to their brutal endings, so despite the very public apparent suicides, this is murder. But what kind of magic can overcome the human will to survive? And why do the shades lack the memory of their deaths? Searching for the answer might mean Alex won’t have a life to remember at all…

This book actually started out pretty slow, and didn’t really pick up until around 40ish %. That’s when I found myself not able to put down the book and just have to keep reading.

We learn a little more about Alex and her heritage in this book, I feel like we are pealing one layer of mystery per book, and I just can’t wait to get to the core! We also learn a little more about Death, and his job as a Soul Collector, I wonder when we will finally learn his name, if he has one.

After this book I am leaning towards Team Death. At first I was very excited with their relationship in this book, and then I hate what is going to happen to Alex and Death (I know I am going crazy here), In the end of this book I really just wish there would be a change in their near future. I am rooting for you Death!

I am so annoyed with Falin, even though this book focuses more of Alex and Death, I know I can’t blame Falin for his actions and it’s really that stupid Winter Queen’s fault. But you know what Falin, I am still mad at you!

I am not sure how I feel about the ending yet, it’s certainly making Alex’s situation interesting, I know I am going to sound crazy because I do miss reading about Falin, so I guess I’ll settle with the situation even though it isn’t ideal.

Grave Memory only left me waiting more! Can’t wait to read the next one!

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