Review: The Cursed by Laura Thalassa

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Review: The Cursed by Laura Thalassa
The Cursed
By: Laura Thalassa

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Series: The Unearthly #3
Published by Lavabrook Publishing Group
Pages: 342
Format: Kindle

Save me from the darkness.
It’s been two months. Two months since Gabrielle survived the horror that was Samhain. Two months since she slipped from the devil’s clutches. Two months since she learned that she might have to face him again.
Her nights are plagued by dreams of him, and she wakes to find that she’s creeping closer to that unholy reunion. So when a ritualistic murder occurs on a ley line in Romania and Gabrielle is called in to investigate, it seems like a harbinger of things to come.
Angelic victims, a killer that smells like ash and roses, and wounds that speak of pagan sacraments—it should be enough evidence for Gabrielle to solve the case and get back to her winter break. But the clues keep slipping through her fingers; someone is always one step ahead.
In the same city, Andre De Leon, king of the vampires, stands trial for the massacre at Bishopcourt, and his coven’s justice system is infamous for its cruelty. Up until now he’s been able to shield Gabrielle from their brutality, but her nearness makes her vulnerable to their wrath, and they will use her to get to Andre.
A killer, a vampire trial, the devil—all in the same city. It’s too coincidental, which is to say that it is not a coincidence at all. Fate has betrayed her.

Since book two was just an okay read for me, I have hope this book would draw me back into the series.  Now I have finished The Cursed, I still don’t feel strongly about it.  Mainly because the newly reveal of Greek mythology twist in this book.  I am not overly fond of modern Greek mythology twist, references.

->After the lack of relationship development for Andre and Gabriell in book two,  I was glad this book make-up for it, mostly.

On the latest story development…

Once again, an evil plot is blooming to lurk Gabriell into her doom.  This time, they might actually success.  Too many coincidences that lead to only one conclusion, whatever is killing out there is intended for Gabriell to lead this murder investigation, but to what purpose?  Meanwhile, Andre is away to stand trial for the massacre at Bishopcourt.  While the devil is constantly haunting Gabriell in her dreams and sometimes even in broad daylight.  Danger is all around Gabriell, a group of devil worshiper will go to extreme measure to deliver Gabriell’s soul to the devil.  Scales will be tipped, destiny is yet to be set in stone, how will Gabriell survive this time?

So, at some point I would like to see the explanation of how Gabriell being a Soulmate but also a Consort for the devil as well.  To quote from book 1 The Unearthly:

“…You have a single true love out there. Only in the supernatural world, it means your soul is inextricably bound to him or her; it’s a physiological, psychological, and spiritual connection.”

Is Soulmate merely for the romantic purpose?  So far I am not seeing anything great about this connection.  It would take more than a tangle connection to impress me.

In The Cursed, we learn yet another new prophecy on Gab.  This new, or rather an old prophecy is from the mythology of “Hades and Proserpine,” supposedly it’s a prophecy about Gabriell and the devil.

With that we finally learn the motive behind the devil’s obsession for Gabriell, I think.  This was a surprise twist, though I am not completely sold on this theory, perhaps we will learn more about it in the next book.

So about this trial, since Andre is the King, does this mean they can’t really, truly punished him, if he is found guilty?  Which would explain why the Vampires are trying to find faults and loopholes from Gabriell.  Someone has to pay for the massacre.  Poor Gab, I wonder who is on your side.

For Gabriell, it seems everyone is out to get her.  Now the cat is out of the bag, she won’t be safe anywhere she goes.  However, at least the vampire community would know the importance of Gabriell is for Andre.  ->but somehow I doubt this would stop the vampire to kill Gabriell.  For Gabriell represents the extinction of the vampires species.

I have a bit mixing feelings for Gabriell, one moment she is mature like, then the next moment she is acting like a child.  I understand she wants to be independent, but sometimes she needs to see the bigger picture.  When Andre wanted her to stay in his house, so he can keep her safe->this is after Gabriell being kidnapped by the vampires to stand on trial.  Gabriell turned the whole situation into Andre is treating her delicate, and of course Gabriell think she can handle everything herself->rolling my eyes.  Which then turn out she couldn’t be more wrong.->I am all about independence, but there also something called being smart.  Being smart to ask for help, to accept help, when you need it.

Andre and Gab’s relationship progress rather slow, despise being soul mates, because the age differences and among other things, A and G (mainly Andre) have decided to take it slow.  While they have expressed their love for each other in this book, they still haven’t done the deeds yet >which is quite alright, this is YA after all.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of sexy chemistry, and attention.  But always at the last minute something would interrupt the moment. Given how one of the interruption was by the devil himself, I think Andre and Gab should just go for it, maybe then the devil would leave her alone. ->my wishful thinking, of course.

To be honest, this series started out good and interesting, I was looking forward to learn more about Gabriell and her heritage, and how would Gabriell affect the Vampires community.  Then the direction of the book took a different turn, which are now mainly focus on the devil plus the additional new Greek mythology twist, which aren’t as interesting for me.  I will be glad to see when the devil situation is situated.

So where the heck was that traitor?  We never heard from him again.
->you know whom I am referring to.

Overall, I did enjoy reading The Cursed, I’ll admit mostly because Gabriell and Andre’s relationships are finally making progress.  Even though I am not quite convinced on the new plot twist yet.  I will have to wait and see how this will unfold.

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