{Book Review} A Piece of Heaven by Angel Lawson

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{Book Review} A Piece of Heaven by Angel Lawson
A Piece of Heaven (The Allendale Four)
By: Angel Lawson

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Genres: Reverse Harem
Published on May 18, 2018
Published by Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 316
Format: Kindle

No good deed goes unpunished.
I learned that lesson the hard way when I agreed to helping my friend Justin with a favor.
My platonic friend Justin.
A favor that helped him with his reputation but turned mine into the trending topic at my school. In a matter of days I go from quiet, nobody to school slut.
The problem with that? I’m still a virgin.
The whispers, the stares and the constant gossip could bring me down but I’m tired of hiding in the dark, covering up my anxiety and being alone. I decide to take on the bullies and find a few surprising allies along the way; the Allendale Four.
Oliver, Anderson, Jackson and Hayden make up this tight-knit circle of friends and they make it their mission to protect my reputation, my heart and my soul.
For the first time I’m not alone and I’m not afraid, but will the closed-minded town of Allendale accept our relationship?
A Piece of Heaven is a contemporary young adult reverse harem novel.

When I read a book, I like to be able to connect with the characters as well as invest in the story; I had some issue while reading this book, I couldn’t get past the story plot.

The story of A Piece of Heaven was inspired by the movie Easy A, if you are familiar with the movie, the story started out just liked the movie Easy A did. Which I still thought was the most idiotic reason to help someone’s social status, regardless of their friendship. The difference between the movie and this book was, the plot of the movie was funny and has a lighter theme, as opposing to this book, which have explored the darker theme of the social consequences.

In A Piece of Heaven, Heaven just cannot stop making poor choices, very often, her behaviors didn’t make much sense to me. I also couldn’t help but to wonder, if there was a point to why slut-shaming was bad in this book, I didn’t think it was well addressed. The character Heaven has tons of issues, mental illness included, but I felt the book has missed addressing them. Self-harming and anxiety were pointed out as her main struggles, but they were either overlooked or quickly resolved in a way that was not realistic, perhaps misrepresented.

Personally, I prefer Reverse Harem to be a series, not standalone, in reason of it’s difficult to justify, building the relationships with only one book. While this book did take a different path from most Reverse Harem romances I’ve read so far, as the guys and Heaven has been going to the same school for a while, and all appeared to have a crush on Heaven or something. Regardless, with only one book I thought the romance was still underdeveloped and not well established.

I thought the stalker plot is redundant, I’ve read far too many RH books shared the same and/or similar plot. It was nothing new and I wished there are more thoughtful plot out there. There was one part in the book particular that I could not get past, the front door scene. Why? Why did they think it was a good idea? And who has good senses would do that?

Overall, the romance/relationship was somewhat better compare to other RH I’ve read so far, but the story plot is just like most of the RH out on the market, still lack of creativity and share similar if not the same storyline.

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