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Before I started a graduate program, I had a lot of “free-time” on my hand, I also read a lot of books.  I think at some point I have read 200+ book a year…but that’s all in the past now.

Since I started the program, my times are completed devoted to school of course.  While I do still find time to read for pleasure, but I realized I need to cool it on the quantity of books, instead, I am looking more for the quality of the books.

Reading a lot does not mean I am able to produce more reviews, in fact, last year, I only posted a total of three book reviews.  I find that more often I have been too eager to jump into the next book, and by the time I wanted to post a review, I have already forgotten what I read additional to what I thought of those books.

While there are also times that I simply have nothing to say about the books I read, yes, it does happen, and more often than you think.

This year, I started something new.  I started a book/blog planner, and in my planner, I created a section for my reading journal.  So far this year, I’ve read 5 books, and I’ve written down all my thoughts on each of those 5 books.  I have not used these journal entries to write a review yet, but I think it is a good system that is working for me so far.

My goal for 2017 is to read more books that I enjoying, I think I am still being optimistic in setting a reading challenge goal of 90 books, though even if I didn’t end up meeting this goal, I am hoping I would be enjoying most of the book I’ve read.  Which means I want to read more 4-5 stars of books, instead of 3 stars and below.

I re-read a lot, and I think that is ok.  Sometime I have different opinions on the books that I already read, and I think that is fun.

I am not overly obsessed about how many books I should read, of what genres, and how many reviews I post.  However I do want to be able to share the books I really enjoying reading, not just given 4-5 stars but not given my personal thoughts on why.

I also want to blog about other things, which not necessarily book related content.  Posts such as this one, or ones that may or may not be about my planners.  The goal is to keeping my blog alive, and enjoying blogging.

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