{Monthly Wrap-Up} February [no.1]

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I am trying to start something new, a monthly or be-weekly wrap-up post. I’ll think of something interesting to write here for a brief introduction. XD

So what happened in February?

  • School happened, I just finished my midterm exams and am currently on my spring break.  My life is rather dull these days, nothing exciting happens.

What did I read in February?

  • To be honest, mostly re-reads, I tend to re-read my favorites when I am stressed.
  • My February read list:

1. Moonlight Sins (de Vincent series #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This was a romantic-suspense story, which was just okay, it was kinda dull actually.

2. Ruthless King (The Anti-Heroes Collection #1) by Meghan March

This was another romantic-suspense okay read, I have started the second book of the series, but it is currently sitting idle in my Kindle, I am not sure when I’ll attempt to read it again.

3. Minder by Sandra Cox

This was a young-adult paranormal romance, which I did enjoy reading. However, I felt it was too short, and wished it was not a standalone.  I thought the story would be better if there were more time focus on the characters, and the relationships between the two characters.

4. Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1) by Patricia Briggs

I finally picked up this series to read! And I really liked it! I just started book 2 over the weekend.

5. Born of Embers (Phoenix Rising #1) by Harper Wylde & Quinn Arthurs

This was a paranormal reverse harem, it was also just okay read for me. I have read quite a few reverse harem theme books, and so far many had lack of solid world building and characters development. I am not entirely convinced by the writing or the story-line to continue with the series.

6. {re-read} Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunter #8) by Nalini Singh

This was Naasir’s story which I only gave 3 stars when I read the first time. I remember being somewhat disappointed because Naasir turned out to be quite different than I had in my mind.  I added an another star after this re-read, I decided it was better the second time I read it. XD

7. {re-read} The Awakening of Ren Crown (Ren Crown #1) by Anne Zoelle

8. {re-read} The Protection of Ren Crown (Ren Crown #2) by Anne Zoelle

9. {re-read} The Rise of Ren Crown (Ren Crown #3) by Anne Zoelle

10. {re-read} The Unleashing of Ren Crown (Ren Crown #4) by Anne Zoelle

11. {re-read} The Destiny of Ren Crown (Ren Crown #5) by Anne Zoelle

This was a young adult fantasy series, which I discovered in 2017. I absolutely loved it, and I found myself keep going back and re-reading them, because it’s so good. The only thing I can complain about was the status of the romantic relationship for the trio, it was only implied but not addressed at the end of the series.

What’s going to happen in March?

What’s on my upcoming reading list?


Currently I am reading…

Happy reading!!

Until next time…

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