Review: Magick Marked by Chauntelle Baughman

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Review: Magick Marked by Chauntelle Baughman
Magick Marked (DarqRealm #1)
By: Chauntelle Baughman

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Genres: Urban Fantasy

Series: DarqRealm Series #1
Published on March 16th 2013
Published by LLC
Pages: 362
Format: Kindle

Magick Marked: Book One of the DarqRealm Series
Forced into a world of ancient magick and fabled creatures, vampire Rhowen Vasile has been honored with the prestigious appointment of executioner—a promotion she never wanted. Now she has two important responsibilities: execute criminal vampires and protect her race’s Kamen, one of five ancient relics said to harness all magick in the DarqRealm.
When the Kamen Rho swore to protect goes missing, she’s assigned the most important task of her life—join an interracial team with a magick mover, a werewolf and a shape shifter to recover what’s been lost. If she fails, the executioner will become the executed, and the magick held within the relics could be lost forever.
As other Kamens start to disappear and the teammates struggle to trust one another, Rho discovers a physical bond with a powerful magick mover that shouldn’t be possible. With the survival of the entire DarqRealm compromised, she barely has time to deal with her temperamental teammates, much less a forbidden attraction. Rho and her team must put everything aside to find what they seek—before the enemy finds it first.

Based on the book cover, I was expecting some kick-ass heroine, however despise having a fearsome reputation, I was a bit disappointed Rhowen did not live up to her reputation throughout the book. She was often referred as very young, and the baby in her coven. Compare to her other teammates, she seems to be rather weak. Until something curious happened, and the possibility of Rhowen being a half-breed, someone who can draw magic from others. That which will make her quite powerful, if not the most powerful.

I liked the slow buildup between Rhowen and Eldon. Instead of quickly accepting they were Soul Struck, both of them were skeptical at first, and treated the situation carefully.

Magick Marked was a decent start for the DarqRealm Series, like most first book of the series, we were given quite a bit of information. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the next book.

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