Review: Faith by Brei Betzold

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Review: Faith by Brei Betzold
Faith (My Misery Muse, #2)
By: Brei Betzold

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Genres: Contemporary Romance

Series: My Misery Muse #2
Published on March 26, 2013
Published by Self-published
Pages: 240
Format: Kindle

Mags is a single mother, running her own business trying to make ends meet. Drake is an A&R guy for a local indie record company who has been working nonstop for a year. When both finally take a vacation with family and friends, they are forced to finally admit, at least to themselves, that they have feelings for each other.
When they go home, they find it even more difficult to put the past in the past and maintain a relationship strong enough to face the challenges ahead. Follow along as they try to make a relationship work while fighting demons of their own, through circumstances not of their making, and with family and friends trying to help.

While reading this book I found myself often frustrated with Mags, I thought of her logic often irrational, if it wasn’t for Drake, Devi, Seth and the rest of the band members, I really wasn’t sure where this book stands for me.

At first I thought “Oh, Drake is the father of Mags’ daughter”, than no. But Drake loves Quinn just like his own and he loves Mags, even though Mags continue to keep Drake at an arm length. Drake kept pushing Mags, to tell the truth, though he doesn’t have the best method, and I was really getting tired of whenever Drake tells Mags how much he loves her, she would respond with ‘no you don’t, you don’t know what you are talking about’. Seriously, Mags?! It seems like the only response Mags have for Drake’s many confessions were, ‘no you don’t know what you are talking about’. That which made me really want to throw my book, but then I realized I couldn’t because I have a Kindle.

Then, due to an unexpected turn, Mags realized she was also in love with Drake, I should be glad, because Mags’ stubbornness. View Spoiler » Seriously, Mags? Do we must go through this again?! I just want to ask Mags if she knows what the heck is she talking about!

Even though we were told about Mags’ many issues, mainly her fear of commitment, however I wasn’t convinced it was resolved.  Mags and Drake never had a discussion about it, don’t get me wrong, I like Drake but he is also very pushy. He just tells Mags how he feels about her and expect Mags to simply accept her inner demon. I might not agree with Mags’ many irrational logic, but she has the right to second guess of what Drake throws at her. From beginning to the end, never once they sat down and have an actual two-way conversation about her problem.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Mags was being extra insecure, because Drake seem can do no wrong. Sure Drake has been in love with Mags for ages, but even if love can conquer all, he never once had doubts. Not to mention that everyone seems to be oh-so-forgiving in this book. This was all a bit too fairy tale for me.

I was surprised by how many times the book switch POVs, I think that each of the characters from the book had a turn in this book, and I can’t decide if that was a bad thing or good. I was confused a few times because there were errors in my kindle edition, and the switching POVs were not always clear to me. However, I was very happy that I got to read more about Devi and Seth, and the rest of the band members.

I didn’t like Faith as much as My Misery Muse, since the first half of Faith mainly focused on Mags and Drake, and the rest of the book kind of spread out. I didn’t mind the story shifting focus as much, because I’ve enjoy reading about the rest of the band members, perhaps more than Mags and Drake, not to mention the more about Devi and Seth the merrier!

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