Books by Kristen Ashley

I’ve read so many of books written by Kristen Ashley, I thought I should have a page entirely for Kristen Ashley

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The Rock Chick Series

❤︎My personal favorites:❤︎
Rock Chick Regret (7), Rock Chick Revenge (5), Rock Chick Redemption (3), Rock Chick Rescue (2), Rock Chick (1).
❥My Hot Bunch order:❥
(1)Hector, Luke, Hank, Eddie,Vance, Lee, Mace

The Colorado Mountain Series

❤︎My personal favorites:❤︎

The Gamble (1), Sweet Dreams (2), Lady Luck (3), Breathe (4)

The ‘Burg Series

❤︎My Personal favorites ❤︎
At Peace (2)

Magdalene Series

❤︎My Personal favorites ❤︎
The Will (1)
✢My Review:✢