{Book Review} Persuasion by Jane Washington & Jaymin Eve

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{Book Review} Persuasion by Jane Washington & Jaymin Eve
Persuasion (Curse of the Gods Book 2)
By: Jane Washington, Jaymin Eve

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Genres: Fantasy, Reverse Harem

Series: Curse of the Gods #2
Published on May 30, 2017
Published by Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 386
Format: Kindle

Willa Knight: Dweller? Bad-ass? Notorious pet to five magical beings?
In Blesswood, there are rules, and someone is trying to teach her how to follow them. The only problem is Willa. Which shouldn’t be anything new, since she has been a problem since birth—something her pseudo-sister Emmy would agree on.
So it definitely shouldn’t be new … but it is.
Because things are starting to happen that have never happened before.
Things are starting to get …chaotic.
This is a full novel, 90,000 words. Book 2 of 5 in the Curse of the Gods Series

I didn’t loved this book, even though I really wanted to. As Book 1 was really fun to read, I think I was expecting little more meat from book number 2 of the series. Yes it was still entertaining to read about how Willa interact with the brothers, but at the same time I was looking forward to a real story progression, perhaps more in the character developments, and why and what made Willa unique, differ from other dwellers.

I really do enjoy the idea and the concept of this book, and the struggle, social conflicted between the sols and dweller was interesting to read, though the latter was not really the focus of the story. In my opinion, I felt the first roughly 70% of the book wasn’t really about anything, and the story didn’t progress until about the last 30% of the book.

I have to be honest, I don’t particularly feel strongly about Willa’s character, to me, she just seems unrealistic. I kept waiting for her character to grow, and the excessive of clumsiness and always waiting for the brothers to look out for her scenarios were very annoying.

I don’t like how slow and the relationship has zero development in the book, yes, there were plenty of sexual tension, which were almost exhausted to read. I felt the romance aspect of the story was very weak, and really nothing going on except teasing and tons of “almost”. It may be ok if this book actually focusing on a theme, but I wasn’t sure what this book was really about either.

Something really bothered me in this book, View Spoiler » It made me very uncomfortable, I didn’t think it was funny. I don’t think Willa is funny, she is actually very immature. And why is she always, almost naked? Why? It’s really not funny.

I still liked the brothers, I think they each have distinct characteristic, even though the world building is still more like an after thoughts.  I’ve felt book 2 was merely put together by many random events, that which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the story. Overall, I thought this book was just ok, and hopefully the next installment will have a clear plot, less chaos and more cohesive sequences.

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