{Book Review} The Other Side of Envy by C.L. Stone

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{Book Review} The Other Side of Envy by C.L. Stone
The Other Side of Envy (The Ghost Bird, #8)
By: C.L. Stone

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Genres: Reverse Harem
Published on April 28, 2015
Published by Createspace
Pages: 333
Format: Kindle

Sang Sorenson dreams of what life might be like for her in the Academy, but joining isn't as easy as simply writing an exam or passing an interview. She'll need to pull the team together to get them on her side in order for it to work, which is harder than it sounds. The boys will do anything to protect her, which, for some, means keeping her out.
But that’s not all that’s going on in Sang’s complicated life. After a shocking revelation, Gabriel Coleman splinters himself off from everyone, avoiding not just his Academy team, but even going so far as to avoid Sang. Desperate to bring him back and get him on her side, Sang digs deep into his past to try to discover a way to reach out to him.
His truth is riddled with tragic events, but with the help of Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Luke and North, she might be able to reach out to him before envy and despair drag him too far down to be saved.
The Academy, Deeply Bonded

Sang’s relationship with each of the boy is pretty strong at this stage of the series, but in order for her to continue to grow, she needss to be officially, and hopefully permanent part of the Team. Most importantly, she need to know she is part of the family. But the Academy was restricting rule about girl join an all boys team, and while it would seem some of the boys are on board with whatever it takes to keep Sangs with them, there are few not too keen on sharing Sang.

As expected, trouble is brewing among the boys, because let’s face it, the groups are made up of teenagers, strong feelings or not, not everyone are ready to commit. I also think everyone needs to communicate better, I am not sure Mr. B’s strategy is really working. With so many people in the family, miscommunication is bound to happen. Just look at what happen when a couple of them decide to go rogue, but in this case it might be the push they need to get the motion going.

Sang meets another Academy team, they are older and smaller in number, but they share one thing in common, the other team is also an one female and all-male team. When I am reading this part of the book I have wondered, what is Sang’s role in the team? What does it mean for Sang is being part of the family? It would make more sense if Sang pairs up with another boy, when they are on the mission. Will they hidden away from the public eyes? Will everyone be living in the same house eventually (it will have to be a big house, of course)?

When it comes down to it, it seems to me that Sang is the one have to make everything work out, in many ways, Sang becomes the glue holding the team together, Sang and the boys heals each other, they are building a strong foundation for the team. At this point Sang could be the reason for the team to fall apart as well, if she decide to walk away. Although Sang doesn’t realize she is the one that actually holds the power, she is still clueless on what is going on with her, and the boys.

Aside from the growing romances, the main storyline on the other hand has reached its stagnant. People are still following the team, and Mr McCoy is still looking for opportunities to get his hands on Sang. So why is Mr McCoy so obsessively after Sang? What does he want from Sang? What is the evil principal really up to? What will it take for the Academy to stop his evil scheme? I really hope we will learn the truth eventually. I do like how the story is pulling away from all the repetitive school drama, weirdly because I really like the high school element of the series, but I am getting impatient, and I want answers.

Overall, this book feels shorter compare to other books from the series, and it would appear so. I think readers would enjoy this book, if you favor romance more than the mystery solving, especially If you are a fan of Gabriel. Gabriel would turn out, not quite what I expected. And Mr. B, although he always appears aloof, in this book I can tell he really cares about Sang, and Mr. B may also be the person that Sang trusts the most of the group.

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