{Book Review} Holding Seven by G.E. Kelly

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{Book Review}  Holding Seven by G.E. Kelly
Holding Seven: (The Complete Seven Hearts Series)
By: G.E. Kelly

One Star

Genres: Reverse Harem

Series: Seven Hearts #2
Published on March 28, 2017
Published by Self-published
Pages: 431
Format: Kindle

Book 2 of the Seven Hearts Series includes a newly reworked version of Sixes & Sevens, Book 1 of the series as an added bonus. Be sure to reread book one first, as the story has changed.
Jaycee Monroe's father was wrongfully imprisoned when she was only six. What she needs now-years later-is a miracle. Before she can search for help in aiding her father, she'll need to escape her controlling foster family. Six gorgeous men could be the miracle she's been looking for. Can one shy girl hold on to them all…without breaking any hearts? When the going gets tough, Jaycee will need to learn to fight for what she wants, but does she really know what that is?
*This book is recommended for ages 18+ due to adult content. This is a reverse harem series, please verify if this subject matter is for you before reading.

It should noted that book one was revamped and included with Holding Seven (book 2), and it may be that it has been awhile since I read book 1, but I honestly thought I was reading a different book. Which if I had known the story has basically been revamped, it’s likely I wouldn’t have purchased book 2. With that being said, lets talk about about why Book 2 was a disappointment for me.

While I was reading, I’ve struggled to find the theme of this book, there were lack of character development, and since there is only a total of 2 books in the series (when I read the first book, I thought there would be more, which make sense, because there were 6 boys and 1 girl), I can see why it would be difficult trying to establish the characters.

In this book, we were told what each of the characters does for a living and how each of the guys’ brief encounter, interaction with Jaycee, but that was really all there were. Furthermore, relationship development was notably absent as well, it was rather strange to see how comfortable and easy Jaycee has accepted to go into romantic relationships with 6 guys.

A particular situation in the book had really bothered me, when Jaycee switched one of her classes to art, and she was so afraid to let the guys know. Why? At that point I have given up trying to figure out Jaycee’s character and personality, since she was full of contradiction.

From the start of the series, she was considered careful and calculated, she planned her escape from her foster family and pervert foster brother. However after she met the guys she had become something else that I wouldn’t think capable of planning her escape to college. And Jaycee never even questioned her childhood friend Cody’s motive to his sudden reappearance in her life, she simply accepts Cody just want to be friends again.

While Jaycee was able to easily detect her guys’ intention, which were to establish a romantic relationship with her, Jaycee strangely failed to see Cody’s motive to steal her from her boyfriends (it was incredibly obvious).

And the reason why I was struggling to find the story plot was, initially I’ve thought Jaycee’s whole plan was to find a way to clear her dad’s name.

Ultimately I felt the story plot was choppy, since all of the important scenes in the book were all gloss over. Nothing was built up, elaborate nor has a smooth transition. I was not particularly impressed with the writing style, there was no explanation in this book at all. And the way it had ended seem rash and unfinished… I was very surprised to see the last chapter had skipped forward a few years, which only seem to leave this huge gap and an unfinished feeling of the story.

Lastly, why I thought this book was a huge let down, for the reason that this book did not address at all what had led up to Jaycee’s situation in the first place. Everything was resolved in a smooth and careless way, which makes the story itself rather of pointless. I would not recommend reading this book.

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