{Book Review} Forbidden by Selene Charles

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{Book Review} Forbidden by Selene Charles
Forbidden (Tempted, #1)
By: Selene Charles, Marie Hall

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Series: Tempted #1
Published on November 30th 2014
Published by Selene Charles Publishing
Pages: 332
Format: Kindle

Welcome to Whispering Bluff, Tennessee. Where the guys are hot. The girls are sweet. And nothing is what it seems...

Flint DeLuca is sick and tired of moving. Her and her dad have moved three times in the past year. But that's the life of a carnie. Even an ex-carnie like her. Her father swears this is the last move. All Flint wants now is to graduate from High School and put the carnival life behind her. Unfortunately, one of the two ain't gonna happen. So now not only is she back in the life she can never seem to get away from, she's also met this guy who pushes all her "I totally hate you" buttons.
Cain. No last name. Wears shades in school. Dresses entirely in black. And only speaks to her when he's insulting her. She hates him. Hates him. And yet... there's something about the Goth boy that draws her like a moth to flame. God, she can't wait to graduate and get away from Whispering Bluff, only problem is she's pretty sure her high school is infested by vampires. Cain might be one of them. And for some reason, she seems to be on their menu.
Sometimes High School really sucks...

At first Forbidden seem to be another typical young adult paranormal romance, with the mysterious guy and the new girl setting that may seem a little familiar.  However in the end, I feel it did a rather good job of balancing the romance and the supernatural world-building.  I thought the writing was colorful, and the story was very engaging.  Not to say it didn’t have it’s moment, but overall I really enjoyed reading this book.

What I liked about this book:
Interesting supernatural creatures √
No triangle-love…yet √
Unique leading female character √
Interesting storyline √
Complex yet gripping supernatural world √

Forbidden has built a complex supernatural world with layers of suspense and mysteries, that will keep you attentive throughout the book.  Being the first book of the series, it has established a good foundation and a decent world-building.

I thought theauthor did a great job on building up Flint and Cain’s relationship, even thought the supernatural bits does play a huge part in their attractions.  But the slow buildup along with loads of teasing would intensify their connections, which I find it has made it seem more real and believable.

I do think the book cover has given a misleading impression of Flint’s character. It would turn out that Flint didn’t do any fighting or that sort of thing in Forbidden.  But I can see her character potentially become someone that could kick-butt in the rest of the series.

Overall, Forbidden is a thrilling beginning of a complex yet intriguing Young-Adult Paranormal Romance series.  Although Readers should be aware that this book ended with a cliffhanger (grrr) that may leave you a little confused and a little shocked.

Happy Reading!! XO

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