{ARC Review} Edge of Dreams by Diana Pharaoh Francis

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

{ARC Review} Edge of Dreams by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Edge of Dreams (Diamond City Magic, #2)
By: Diana Pharaoh Francis

One StarOne StarHalf a Star

Genres: Urban Fantasy

Series: Diamond City Magic#2
Published on April 15th 2015
Published by Bell Bridge Books
Pages: 224
Format: eARC

Book 2 of The Diamond City Magic Novels
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.And a pound of flesh.
Magical tracking expert Riley Hollis is on a mission to save five teenagers lost inside a mountain. But nothing is what it seems, and soon Riley finds herself bruised, bloodied, and embroiled in a battle to bring down a sadistic criminal dealing in human souls and the darkest of magics.
Her only hope may be to swallow her pride and ask for help from her not-quite-ex-boyfriend and his notorious brother—Tyet criminal boss, Gregg Touray. Even that may not be enough to protect her. Something has gone very wrong in the trace dimension and in Riley’s head.
If she doesn’t figure out how to handle the past, the present, the trace, and the bad guys, the road to hell is going to look like a great alternative.

As powerful as Riley supposed to be, Riley gets hurt a lot, which seem to be the common theme so far in the series. Yes Riley had many interesting, unique abilities, but at the same time she seems to always rely on other people to save her.
As always Riley somehow got herself into a very difficult situation, but the fact that she was kidnapped while she was with a bunch of powerful people, I just couldn’t rationalize the situation. In Edge of Dreams, Riley demonstrated just how easily she trusts people, it was odd because she used to hide who she was and questions everyone’s motive. But not once did she questioned about her new “bodyguards”, and it would seem that Riley doesn’t question about a lot of things too.
I had the same issue as the first book, the romance was simply not believable to me. In the first book Riley and Clay confessed they loved each other, then Riley decided to leave him. This book picked up about 6 weeks later, where Riley pretty much cut off all contacts with Clay, but then as soon as Riley asked for help, Clay dropped everything to come to rescue Riley out of trouble. Just like that, their relationship escalated quickly that they would confess their love again, and decided to move in together. I was hoping Riley and Clay would actually spend some quality time together, but they seem to only spend time under extreme and dangerous situation.
Overall, I thought this book felt a little flat for me, I was disappointed with the predictable plot. At this point I probably won’t read the next book.

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