{Book Review} Chloe by Sarah Brianne

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{Book Review} Chloe  by Sarah Brianne
Chloe (Made Men, #3)
By: Sarah Brianne

One Star

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Series: Made Men #3
Published on April 30th 2016
Published by Young Ink
Format: Kindle

Chloe’s scarred face makes her the school’s freak. Her reflection is a constant reminder of how she got them. The man who scarred her haunts not only her dreams, but also her reality. Some nightmares don’t go away in the daylight.
Two men stand up to save her from the nightmares. Both are men of the mafia, waiting behind a door she doesn’t want to open. Amo the soldier and Lucca the underboss.The Beast and the Boogieman.
Who will she choose?

Well, this book will be heading to my “disappointment pile of 2016”.  It’s a shame, because I was really looking forward to read this one.

Based on the title, you would expect a story of Chloe, perhaps a continuation of book 2. Not only that was not the case, but the first nearly 40 % of the book was about Chloe’s past, which was information about how Chloe’s parent treated her like crap and why, to be honest I was surprised that it had taken 40% of the book. As for the rest of the book, it was a retold of book one, in multiple POVs, including Ellle and Nero, which I am not sure why, because they had their book, it was called Nero, book one of the series. If you have expected to learn about Chloe, said how did she get her scars, and who did it. Well, you won’t find that in this book either. Basically at the end of the book, you will probably feel cheated, like I did. I felt cheated, because I am not even sure what was the purpose of this book, this book was not about Chloe, it was pieces of random scenes from book one. If you expected to learn about Chole’s feelings for either Amo or Lucca, well you won’t find that in this book. So the very last bits of the book confused the heck of me, because I don’t know if anything was going between, Amo and Chloe, Chloe and Lucca, or Chloe, Amo, and Lucca. Nothing in this book had built up the very last bit of the book, I said “bits” because it wasn’t even a full chapter.

So, I felt cheated, because I have expected a structured story plot, I have expected learning about Chloe, and her relationships with Amo and Lucca. While I felt there would be a surprise twist in the next book, based on the last bits of the book, but after reading this installment, I don’t even think I want to read the next one.

This book was written like a novella, a confused one, and probably one can do without.  I would read the first two books of the series, Nero and Vincent then skipped this one, and read the next upcoming one.

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