ARC Review: Connecting Strangers by Rachel Carrington

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Review: Connecting Strangers by Rachel Carrington
Connecting Strangers
By: Rachel Carrington

One StarOne StarHalf a Star

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Series: Discovering Emily #1
Format: eARC

Getting close is dangerous…
He’s too close, and I start to fidget, needing to keep my hands busy so they won’t grab hold of his shirt. Because that’s what they want to do. Draw him closer. So I can Inhale his scent. Taste his skin.
I didn’t run because I was in an abusive relationship; I ran because my soul was being crushed. I’d forgotten how to live, how to be happy. Running out of gas in a small town, I catch the eye of the local sheriff when the very last thing I want is to come under the scrutiny of the police. I left my boyfriend with blood on my hands, and I know as soon as the wound heals he’ll come looking for me.
Adam Madison draws me to him so easily I can’t even pretend to fight. And the closer we get, the more combustible we become. I’ve never experienced such passion or power. My need is as great as his, but I’m sure he’ll walk away from me once he knows my secret. No other man would stay.
I’ve had enough complications in my life. I’m not looking for more, and that’s exactly what Adam is—a sexy, magnetic complication with secrets of his own. And with my ex on the hunt, I can’t risk bringing him down with me. But he won’t leave…even when vengeance could kill us both.

I thought the blurb of this book was somewhat misleading…

This was very much an insta-lust, insta-love type of relationship.  Given Emily’s situation, it didn’t make any sense to me.  She was running away from an abusive relationship, but she didn’t run too far away (her car ran out of gas).  In fact, after meeting Adam, she stays put and stop running.  Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when her past caught up with her.

Honestly, I didn’t see the passion and intensity of Emily and Adam.  Sure it was sweet, but it was still very superficial.  They don’t really know each other well.  They don’t know the whole story.  And there were stories on both sides.  Not to mention, Emily is suppose be running away…

I see Adam as someone who want to protect Emily, I see Emily as someone who is vulnerable, scare, lost and want to take back control of her life.  I very much see the potential of Adam and Emily, and was hoping to see how would Emily fight back, begin healing and start a new life.

->that didn’t really happened in this book.
->instead, I saw a new friend encourage Emily to immediately start a new relationship.  When Emily still needs time to heal, not to mention she is running away from 8 years of abusive relationships.
->instead, I saw a nice guy that wants to start a new relationship with a girl that obviously have serious unresolved problems.

Then, here comes the weird bit, so who is after Emily?  My first thought were either Mark or Mark’s father (because that’s all we were told in the book).  In fact, there were never any other clues of unknown threats to Emily that were mentioned.  Not until Mark’s (Emily’s ex) genuine confusion about the shooting incident took place at the Jail, where Emily was being kept.

The next thing you know, Mark comes forward and warn Emily about some threat, then quickly die by another shooting at the Jail, where Emily was at (Mark never gotten out who is after Emily).  So, here I thought, maybe it’s Mark’s father?  Wrong, he might be dead as well.

What the heck was going on?!  I have no idea.  It was weird.

->with the topic of domestic violence, I found this book somewhat unrealistic.
->this book has the potential of addressing domestic violence in both emotional and physical abuses.
->since this is the first book of a series, I would’ve like to see Emily slowly finding herself again, along with the supports from Adam and her new friends on her side.  Then slowly establish a new healthy relationship.

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