About Rain and Cupcakes

Hello book lovers! Welcome to Rain and Cupcakes book blog!

My name is Lucy, and I am a graduate student studying to become a healthcare professional. I am addicted to my Kindle (my current reading device is Kindle Voyage).  I spend most of my free time to discovering new books to read, fall in love with wonderful stories, and book characters.

If I can read books all the time and blog about the books that I have read, I would.  Sadly, I have school as my priority and other responsibilities.  Which mean, lately I am reading fewer books than I normal would have, and I am reviewing fewer books than I typically do.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts on the books I’ve read, since I am a book junkie, the majority of the books I’ve read are purely for pleasure, on average I read over 100 books per year.  I am not a full-time book blogger, as I mentioned I am currently in graduate school, which means school is definitely taken over majority of my time.  However, when I am not busy studying, working on papers, you bet I will be reading my next favorite books.  All these means I may not post a book review immediately after I finished reading a book.  In general I usually work on my own pace anyway, when it come to writing a book review.  But if you want to find out what books I’ve been reading, you can always find out by follow me on Goodreads. (Due to school I will be spending less time reviewing books)

As a reader like many others, I often read reviews before I buy a book, I value and respect all opinions and take them all into consideration, positive or negative.  Feel free to leave comments and discuss what you think of the books I’ve read.  However, please be respectful that my reviews are my thoughts on what I think of the book.

I typically post my reviews on Rain and Cupcakes, Twitter first, then Goodreads, Amazon.

For book review requests, please see Review Request.

Happy Reading!! XO